Just a little Tease...

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Just a little Tease...

So, in case you've not been paying attention.

We are restarting Cut Loose!

Starting September 2021, we will be releasing new pages once a month over on our Patreon

The first story is called Birthday Presence, and features Frankie, Tomas and Bobbie. I'm excited to introduce you all to Bobbie, as she's been a character that's been waiting for her debut since the beginning!

Before you ask, yes, we will release the pages here after a delay of a few months. However, early release is not the only benefit. While the plot will proceed here, we'll be unlocking Patreon only side-stories as the goals get met. So more comics!

Thanks a lot all, Daemion out.

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2021-08-07 01:20:04 
Woohoo! You're back!
2021-09-03 16:56:39 
We are back! And we are on Patreon!