Filler - Grind Grind Grind (animated)

Okay, I know. More filler, but I think we're about to the end of the issues. To recap. It's July, and there's been a massive heatwave going on in the US. More specifically, theTiedTigress, our artist, is in the midst of the one in the Midwest part of the states. Well, no problem, that's what AC is for, right. Right! Except when the AC unit in her apartment is older than I am (And guys, I remember when Disco was still huge, no specific dates, but yes, I'm that old...), and corrodes a hole big enough to fit your fist in. Let's not even mention the refrigerant leaks. And the landlord is refusing to fix it. So, it's been a little hellish in her apartment. Triple digits, with no relief, and that's no place to be working. So, it's been filler for us. (And yes, I've frozen the time on all accounts, no one's actually losing anything) The good news, is she's been able to finally get a replacement AC unit as of yesterday, so we should start getting back in production sometime during this week. It may mean there's one more filler page on Friday, but let's cross our fingers. So, this Monday's got another one from Wolfskull The animated version (a little smaller) is here. See you all on Friday!

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