New T-shirt Design! Better Than Sex Cookies

New T-shirt Design! Better Than Sex Cookies

Special Announcement! We have those delicious Beta Eat Pi "better than sex" cookies t-shirt design now available as a t-shirt on our RedBubble Store!

Check them out here : Cut Loose RedBubble Store

Our RedBubble Store helps us fund new content, which starting today we'll be featuring guest art & other Cut Loose announcements till the end of the year! We'll be posting 2x a month, on Fridays - so approximately every other Friday.

With funding from the Patreon we'll be creating new material that will debut next year, so stay tuned and consider supporting 3T's Patreon - even $1/m support has rewards including a monthly pin-up AND pages for the new short chapter "Moving Day" as they're created!

Thank you for your support!

-3T & Daemionfox

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2017-12-31 14:09:22 
I love the Beta Eta Pi sorority name. It took me a couple of times reading the name before I got the joke; but, I love it.