Issue 4 - Page 75

And that's it. At least for the main story. But don't fret everyone! Starting next week we'll have a 14 page story from KV1NN4 titled Party Time. For those of you who want an idea? Donna hosts a special sort of party. Kinda like a tupperware party. Except really not.

Comments [3]:

Lord Chaos
2017-03-04 00:22:04 
And a lovely story it is. Is there a chance that the comic will be restarting again with new material?
2017-03-05 22:14:29 
Yes actually. TTT has a Patreon and has started work on re-doing the fdirst chapter and other mini comics. Those will eventually end up here, but if you want to see them now, you can check out and support her on Patreon:
Lord Chaos
2017-03-07 03:22:35 
Thank you. I was an early supporter of the comic when it first came out and I'm glad to be able to help it come back.